Welcome to our 2 new environmental members-One Tree Planted and International Tree Foundation. Learn a little more about their important work here.

One Tree Planted's focus in Africa is on rebuilding animal habitat, restoring soil and critical watersheds, all while improving the lives of the communities who rely on the forests the most. Our planting partners promote agroforestry and educate farmers on the benefits of improved forestry practices, providing communities with sustainable sources of food, wood, and income. Learn more about our projects and help support reforestation in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.

International Tree Foundation has a Sustainable Community Forestry Program. The program supports projects in Africa that:Conserve, restore and protect indigenous forest resources, habitats and associated biodiversitySupport community-led natural resource management and regeneration to promote reforestationImprove nutrition, food security and local livelihoods through sustainable use of forests and treesImpact positively on climate change and carbon sequestration.The Sustainable Community Forestry Programme supports community-based organisations (CBOs) to deliver community-level participatory projects that conserve and restore local forest resources and associated biodiversity, improve local livelihoods through sustainable use of trees and related income generation and increase resilience to climate change.We prioritise support for new community-based organisations so that we are also helping them to build their own capacity to achieve their aims and objectives. We encourage the preservation of indigenous knowledge and the planting of indigenous species of trees.

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