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Monkeyfriendly, Inc.



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I am a conservationist and the founder of I have loved primates since I was a child and given a rare opportunity to interact with them at a young age. That planted a seed that grew in me and would come to fruition later in life. As someone that has always kept a fire burning for conservation causes, but lived a life outside of conservation, I wanted to find a way to break down barriers between people in and out of this field. Creative minds have so much to offer with analytical ones. You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it. I wanted to knock down the door and shatter any boundaries that prevented conservation projects from working. So I created a nonprofit with the goal of creating a centralized place for what I saw as a de-centralized arena. Behind the scenes, we partner with nonprofits on the ground in areas where primates are threatened. We create community-based conservation projects that address the root causes. On the front end our organization offers a place for anyone with a passion for people, primates and conservation issues to connect. We hope that you will collaborate on projects. Perhaps you are an artist that wants to have a fundraiser for a nonprofit. Or a lawyer that wants to offer pro bono work to an environmental group. Find each other here and begin your journey.

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