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Monkeyfriendly-And Apes Too!

People, Projects and Products Protecting Primates

Imagine if an Oxford researcher created technology to replace animal testing. Or a wealthy banker wanted to fund a conservation project-but didn't know where to look...

How would these diverse groups of people ever find one another?
They could if they had a platform. Monkeyfriendly.com provides that.

Monkeyfriendly is a non-profit corporation created to benefit primates worldwide.
We give the conservation community a dedicated networking space to connect, collaborate and advertise-all for free. On the back-end, we partner with organizations on projects that protect primates, habitats and livelihoods.

We want people outside of conservation talking to people inside.
We believe that if bankers start talking with conservationists, philanthropists start talking with educators, and if everyday people start forming connections-magic can happen!
And it's already happening.
Let's start talking!

People, Projects and Products Protecting Primates

Join Our Community Here!


Our Vision

We want to get people inside and outside of the world of conservation talking to one another, creating projects and taking action! We have a global approach-partnering with people on projects worldwide. We want to harness the power of our diverse experience, and our partners’ diverse experience to create lasting change.


Our Aims

  • Address The Root Causes of Habitat and Wildlife Loss
  • Create Community-Based Conservation Projects
  • Unite Different Disciplines on Projects That Protect Species and Communities
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Benefits of Joining Our Community

  • Connect With Others Across Disciplines-So You Strengthen Your Conservation Projects
  • Find Like-Minded People
  • Advertise Your News, Projects, Organization For Free in Our Community Forum

The Inspiration Behind Monkeyfriendly

Creative minds have so much to offer with analytical ones. You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it. We wanted to knock down the door and shatter any boundaries that prevented conservation projects from working. So we created a nonprofit with the goal of creating a centralized place for what we saw as a de-centralized arena.

Behind the scenes, we partner with nonprofits on the ground in areas where primates are threatened. We create community-based conservation projects that address the root causes. On the front-end our organization offers a place for anyone with a passion for people, primates and conservation issues to connect on our community website.

We hope that you will collaborate on projects. Perhaps you are an artist that wants to have a fundraiser for a nonprofit. Or a lawyer that wants to offer pro bono work to an environmental group. Find each other here and begin your journey.
Anne-Marie Mascaro
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