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Rowena Goes Ape

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Rowena Goes Ape Foundation



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I am a Dutch Great Apes and Wildlife advocate with both feet in the mud. In a humble attempt to help to stop great apes from extinction, I started working in 2013 as a volunteer Chimpanzee caretaker at Stichting AAP in The Netherlands. Stichting AAP was instrumental in educating me on Great Apes biology, how to take care of them and which policies to apply. I am a passionate volunteer and Social Media and Project advisor for Great Ape Rescue Centers across the globe. And relentless fundraiser for Great Apes. I work at least two months a year in rescue centers in Asia and Africa, helping them onsite with special projects. I am a proud member of the PASA Primates family, an editor for the Dutch animal welfare network House of Animals and assistant of the board of Masarang International.

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